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Joint stock company “KANAT” is known since 1875, when the factory Trade House Of A.Smirnov & sons” put on the market ropes and strings from hemp. Now this is one of the  most known russian rope-producers. For long time our company produced hemp and sisal ropes for shipping, fishing, building and hemp cores for steel ropes.

Now  Joint stock company “KANAT” has one of the widest range of production (ropes, cords, lines, twines) from natural and synthetic fiber.

Our factory has been rewarded for the last 3 years by The Government of Nizhny Novgorod region of The Standard of the Governor. JSC “KANAT is the constant participant of international exhibitions : “Neva”, Inrybprom”, “Fish Resources”, “Great Rivers”.

Рыба-2002 Инрыбпром Великие Реки Рыбные Ресурсы Нева

Нижегородская ярмарка


oil-extracting and drilling enterprises;

cargo slings;

shipbuilding and ship repairing, marine and river fleet;;

ishing trawls makers;

Sports, fishing, hunting and rescuing equipment;

architecture and design;

municipal services;

building organisation, agriculture for package and baling..

The Russian Maritime Register of shipping certifies all kinds of production.